Muller Associates knows how important it is to feel safe and protected

The activity of the firm has a strong international component, and' focused on issues of civil, commercial, corporate, financial or tax advice, and carried out on behalf of American and foreign clients. The firm makes to its customers both judicial and extrajudicial assistance.

The firm has a sophisticated PRACTICE OF LAW USA is able to offer its customers interested in operating and investing and / or move to the U.S. advice and assistance in Commercial Law, Corporate and Financial Law, Tax Law and Tax Planning, Real Estate Law, Immigration (including its Tax Planning), Family law (including the law of succession), Labor Law, Law of Nonprofit Organizations, as well as' Assistance in Civil and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.

The lawyer based in the U.S., and offers years of relevant professional experience obtained working (in New York and Miami) with leading international law firms on legal and tax issues and themes of U.S. law, European and Latin American.

Security guaranteed by the solutions

Entering into Muller & Associates means relying on a network of 3000 agents, organized in over 1700 agencies spread throughout USA.

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