Where to apply for legal aid in US

If you need assistance with any immigration problem, you can use the services of a licensed and competent legal counsel on immigration issues.

Contact your local bar association, which will help you find a qualified lawyer. If you need legal advice on any immigration matter, but you do not have enough money to hire a lawyer, there are some ways to get cheap or free care.

Requesting such assistance:

. In an official organization. These are organizations that are officially recognized by the Appeals Chamber for Immigration (BIA). To receive this recognition, an organization must have sufficient knowledge and experience in providing services to immigrants, and can charge and accept only very small fees for their services. A list of such recognized organizations BIA cm. At: http://www.whereorg.com/legal-services-all

. accredited representative. These are people who are associated with organizations officially recognized BIA. These representatives can charge or accept only very small fees for their services.

. to a qualified representative. This person, who provide free services. These representatives should be familiar with immigration law and the rules of justice. As a qualified representatives can serve students and law graduates, as well as people with a reputation for high moral standards and associated with you personally or professionally (a relative, a neighbor, a priest, an employee, a friend).

. In firms that provide free legal services. The department chief judge of Immigration has a list of officially recognized professional firms providing free legal services to people who participate in the proceedings of the Immigration. This is a list of attorneys and organizations that may agree to represent immigrants in the cases before the immigration courts. These lawyers and organizations willing to help immigrants pro bono (free of charge) only in immigration proceedings, so some of them will not be able to assist you by issues that are not related to the proceedings in the court (ie. e., on applications for visas, naturalization, etc.. n.).

. In the firms participating in the program of free legal services (pro bono). List of approved local organizations and their representatives, working pro bono (free), you can usually get in each local branch of the USCIS.

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