Bankruptcy attorney

On bankruptcy attorney and lawyers Legal Centre ready to provide you with the following legal services:

give oral or written advice on bankruptcy;
investigate and give a legal assessment facts of the case;
represent your interests in the bankruptcy and creditors meetings;
submit an application or review;
represent (protect) your interests in arbitration
Persons with respect to the debtor claims to money obligations are called creditors.

Creditors are divided into competing and not competitive. Only bankruptcy creditors may apply to the arbitration court to declare the debtor bankrupt.

Bankruptcy creditors are not citizens to recover for personal injury, moral damages, wages, royalties, as well as the founders (participants of the debtor). So, if the customer owes money to the contractor, the contractor may be a bankruptcy creditor, but employees of the company to the customer can not apply for the recognition of the organization where they work bankrupt.

If your debtor (the debtor of your organization) within three months you are not calculated if the debtor's obligations under this set court (arbitration court) and if the duty of every citizen is equal to $10000, and the duty of the legal entity is $100000, you may apply to the court of Arbitration for recognition of your debtor bankrupt. However, the organization and on itself may file such a statement (a statement of the debtor).

Some stakeholders use the institution of bankruptcy in order to emerge from the financial crisis and to continue in the future engage in business activities other - for a song to get "tidbit business" or to destroy a competitor, and others - to "throw all". Bankruptcy - is one the most common ways of hostile takeovers (raiding).

For successful participation in the bankruptcy case is very important to know the rights and responsibilities of all (1) persons participating in a bankruptcy case and (2) all persons involved in the arbitration proceedings in the bankruptcy case.

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