How to Choose a Good Franchise Attorney

Choosing a good franchise attorney is certainly not an easy job. The reason for this is quite simple, there are far too many of them out there that you find it hard to decide which one among them is capable of assisting you in the legal matters of your franchise operations and which ones are just there to horde money from you. In the past many years, there have been many cases in which both the franchisors and franchisees have been fooled by franchise lawyers who didn't know a thing about franchise laws and just wanted to get their hands on their money. If you want to choose a good franchise attorney then you have to look for the following things.


Although you might not consider this to be an important quality in a franchise lawyer but personality does matter when it comes to selecting a franchise attorney. If the lawyer you are hiring for managing the legal aspects of your franchise business has an unlikable personality or you do not like him then such a choice could prove to be catastrophic for you. The reason for this is simple; since you don't like him, it is highly likely that you won't take his advice seriously because of this strained relationship you might end up messing something up. Therefore, it is always best to work with only those people whose personalities are likable to you and you are happy working with them.


It is extremely important to determine the area of specialty of the lawyer before hiring him. Unless the attorney specializes in franchising, it is baseless to hire him as he would not have the requisite knowledge required to help you in understanding the complex franchise laws. Thus, one of the basic things you must look at when choosing a franchise lawyer is to ensure that he has an in depth and current knowledge of the various state and federal franchise laws and is aware of the latest changes or amendments that have been made to them. Moreover, you must also ensure that the franchise lawyer has been devoting a good portion of his time settling franchising matters rather than pursuing other legal cases.


The difference between an ordinary franchise attorney and a good one is that good franchise lawyers have industry-specific knowledge about the franchise rules and regulations governing certain sectors like food service, education and home improvement while the ordinary ones don't. With this specific knowledge in hand, a franchise lawyer can differentiate himself from others and can provide you with the best legal advice if you are a part of these sectors and are looking to sell your own franchises. Moreover, a good franchise lawyer also has the expertise to help clients who are thinking about healthcare and dental franchising, which have some complex regulatory issues. Thus, if you are looking for a good franchise lawyers then it is best that you choose one who has some kind of industry-specific knowledge about other sectors.


Another hallmark of a good franchise attorney is that he is always available and keeps his lines of communication open all the time. Some franchise lawyers prefer to use email as their communication tool while others like to give their clients their phone number so that they can call them whenever they want. Both of these lines of communication are fine if the franchise lawyer responds immediately. However, if you are not able to contact a franchise lawyer either by mail or by his phone then it is a clear indications that he is not available and is not suited for hiring. Thus, to make sure that you have chosen the best franchise attorney, do check that he answers his mail or phone quickly or not.

Size of the Firm the Franchise Attorney Work In
Most people think that having a franchise attorney who is working for a big firm is the right choice to make. This however is not true all the time. The bigger the firm is, the lesser the attention is given to you. The reason for this is that bigger firms have a lot of cases which they are working on and the partners don't have time to give individual attention to each one. This is why most of the work is delegated to associates rather partners which leads to mistakes. If you opt for a franchise attorney working in a smaller company, you are going to get his full attention and there won't be any mistakes in the drafting of your franchise's legal documents.

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