How to care for a bicycle

To "iron horse" served by faith and truth, it is necessary to take care of it properly. And this is not limited to just lubricating once a year and washing after the rain.

How to care for a bicycle

Caring for a bike has its own advantages. First, the appearance of the bike. Nobody wants to ride a dirty giant. Secondly, the insurance against breakdowns. Preventive works will help in time to find a malfunction and eliminate without a threat to fall somewhere along the road, and after lying in bed for 3 months with a broken leg. Thirdly, significant savings, since repairs, and even more so buying a new bicycle costs money, which are never superfluous.

Regular washing

The most harmless is the dust covering your bike. In this case, you can do with a damp cloth, and everything will be in order. It's quite another thing, if you went on some off-road, and now your "iron friend" is abundantly covered with mud from the frame to the wheels. In this case, you have to soak the dirt, and then remove it, using a special cleaning agent. If there was not one at hand, the dishwashing detergent will also work. You can also take the bike to the machine wash, where it will be brought to the proper view without your participation. However, if you are a big fan of sikling and you can not live a day without a trip, you'll have to wash your bike every two weeks.

Wet bicycle - rusty bicycle

Carefully ensure that moisture does not accumulate in the junctions of the mechanisms (pedals, chain links, etc.), since in this case rust will appear earlier than you can blink an eye. The best way to prevent this is to dry the bike thoroughly, using a dry, well-absorbed cloth after each wet rinse. Ways to stop a bike rusting with Jenolite rust remover.

All parts must be lubricated

As a result of friction, the wear of dry parts is much higher than the wear of the lubricated parts, so do not neglect this point. Take care that the lubricant is sufficient. Get a special grease for bicycles and use it properly if you need help with the details of your bike.

Proper storage

Direct sunlight and temperature changes are enemies not only to our skin. The leather and rubber elements of the bike can also be significantly damaged by such influences. The conclusion is simple: you can not leave a bicycle outdoors for a long time, and cleaning it for the winter, you need to thoroughly wash and lubricate all the vulnerable parts.

Before each trip check the brakes, the pressure in the tires, as well as securing the wheels, the footboard, the lantern. It will be much easier to fix these defects before the trip than to get into trouble due to the fact that they did not check everything.

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