Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia

In the U.S., an immigration lawyer deals with all aspects of relations between the U.S. government and non- United States.

Our attorneys handle all aspects of immigration law.

Immigration lawyers deal with all types of visas in the United States (both immigration and non- immigration), the changes and exit visas without leaving the United States, family visas and green cards, change of status, receive the right to work, residency (green card), hearings court of immigration, asylum, protection from deportation and obtain U.S. citizenship.

We try to work with immigration lawyers speaking in Russian. Many of them also came to the U.S. as immigrants. Their personal experience helps us to work with our clients during such a difficult transition for them.

Over your business has a licensed immigration lawyer in Philadelphia. No secretaries (the so-called paraligal). Education and experience from lawyers, enabling them to identify legal conflicts and finding solutions to complex problems. All the details and circumstances of your case are taken into account and analyzed personally advocate. Under U.S. law, only licensed attorneys can answer your immigration questions.

We do know that our clients deserve professional, respectful and friendly attitude. Therefore, we respond to calls and e-mails of our current and future customers within 48 hours.

Those who are our customers (ie, a company registered through us and conclude a contract with us for business management), yielding a first free consultation with an immigration lawyer (at the expense of the company).

Since the activity of our company is quite specific, and largely related to business immigration, then all the issues we are engaged in business, and immigration issues only immigration attorneys with whom we work.

Admittedly, immigration to the United States is not an easy procedure to be done properly and effectively. The outcome of the immigration procedure depends not only your fate, but the fate of the people close to you. So very often people are turning to professional legal counsel like

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