Experienced Real Estate Attorney

At the Law offices of Ed Grant, we have both a Transactional (Buying and Selling) and a Real Estate Litigation Practice.

We have over twenty years experience representing clients in over one thousand transactions.

Our clients include individual purchasers, sellers, banks and financial institutions, cooperative buildings, developers, the local 1199 Hospital Workers Union Plus members.

We also serve as the Court appointed Referee for the New York State Supreme Court on matters pertaining to Real Estate.
We represent the following Banks and Financial Institutions: Bank of America, CitiMortgage, HSBC, Sovereign Bank, Sterling National Bank, MetLife Mortgage, Wells Fargo.

We look forward to representing you.

Security guaranteed by the solutions

Entering into Muller & Associates means relying on a network of 3000 agents, organized in over 1700 agencies spread throughout USA.

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