Family reunion, tenant or you have a second home

U.S. citizens may sponsor close family members to obtain permanent residency (Green Card) and emigrate to the U.S., with what is commonly called an "act of recall".

Applications for family reunification in favor of the immediate family "immediate relative" are not subject to numerical limitations. Are considered "immediate relatives":

The spouse of a U.S. citizen (see also Conditional Green Card); The youngest son of an American citizen; The parents of an American citizen

The youngest son of an American citizen who resides abroad for law follows the American citizenship on the day on which it is admitted in the United States as a permanent resident.

Other family members can be sponsored for a Green Card, but the wait times are usually very long, even up to 11 years (depending on the category of preferential membership).

During this waiting period, you can not live in the United States (and in some cases it is also very difficult to obtain a temporary visa), unless the beneficiary of the petition is unable to obtain a work visa among those that allow the "double intent "as the H1B visa, the O-1 visa, and the L-1 visa, or visas from investments E-1 or E-2.

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