Welcome to the International Wildcard Qualifier 2016

All summer the best teams in developing regions around the world fought on home arena in order to find the best among the "friends". And all the titles obtained, the winners are named, and it's time to go to Brazil to join the fight for a ticket to the World Cup. Eight teams and only two places in the main tournament of the year - who will be able to win glory for your region? Welcome to the International Wildcard Qualifier 2016.
Before the World Cup just over a month, and to the best teams in the world, who will compete for the championship in 2016, joins more teams. It's time to determine the strongest among developing regions - representatives Wildcard community already packing their bags to Brazil, where over one and a half weeks, will compete for the coveted tickets to the main tournament of the year.
This year IWCQ take the Brazilian Sao Paulo and Curitiba, where from 24 August to 4 September will be held the tournament for eight teams from different parts of the world. Among them is our children - this year the CIS region will be represented by a team Albus NoX Luna, winner of the year Continental League split in 2016!
The format and participants

For Wildcard Regions in the World Cup two seats reserved for the teams that have yet to be overcome. In the summer of 2015 IWCQ was divided into two tournaments, the winner of each of whom went to the World Cup. This year the organizers have simplified the system by creating a common event for all 8 regions.
The main difference will be the absence of the future IWCQ grand final - the team are fighting only for permits, and therefore the final stage of the tournament will be the semi-finals, and two winners of which will go to the United States at the World Championship.
In summer 2016 International Wildcard Qualifier participate:
CIS (LCL) - Albus NoX Luna
Brazil (CBLoL) - INTZ eSports
Turkey (TCL) - Dark Passage
Oceania (OPL) - The Chiefs
Southeast Asia (GPL) - Saigon Jokers
Japan (JPL) - Rampage Japan
South Latin America (LAS) - Kaos Latin Gamers
Northern Latin America (LAN) - Lyon Gaming
group stage

Dates: from 24 to 29 August
Venue: Studio CBLoL, Sao Paulo
Time: Daily, 23:00 GMT
The group stage will be held in the classic format of "all against all" in the games to one victory. All teams play once against each other, a total of 7 games conducted for 6 days. Every day will be held on 5 games, and the schedule of the final game of the day August 29 provides time for possible tie-break, but because only three games from the main schedule will take place on this day. A detailed schedule can be found in a special section on our website.
These matches will take place in the studio Riot Games, which took place before the weekly game of Brazilian Major League CBLoL. At this stage, the audience is not provided in the studio. At the end of the group stage to the next stage are 4 teams, while other 4 teams leave the competition. Bet on your favourite team with esports betting.

Dates: from 3 to 4 September
Venue: Wire Opera House, Curitiba
Time: September 3, 23:59 GMT, September 4th, 22:00 GMT
The four teams that are at the end of the group stage rack up the most wins, will travel to Curitiba, where the stage Wire Opera House will play semifinal matches in the series to three victories format. The winner of each of the two semi-finals will receive a ticket to the World Championships as a representative Wildcard community and the region.

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